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Like many older developed municipalities, this upstate NY village was facing problems with their aging sanitary sewer system to the extent that extraneous water entering the collection system was causing periodic overflows at the wastewater treatment plant and discharge permit violations. The village was put under an “order on consent” by the state department of environmental conservation, which required that the sanitary sewer system be evaluated  to reduce extraneous flow and bring the system into compliance. The village faced the potential for hefty fines for non-compliance.


Sewer System Evaluation


Huskie Engineering was selected to perform a sewer system evaluation including assessing the general condition of the system and more specifically toward the  goal of locating and characterizing potential sources of infiltration and inflow.

Huskie carried out a comprehensive inventory and field investigation of the sewer system including a thorough flow monitoring program; night flow observations; rainfall simulation; manhole inspections; and mapping of the system. The investigative work was successful and isolated several areas in the collection system where extraneous flows were the most severe. The sewer system evaluation report included identifying suitable rehabilitation alternatives, including trenchless technology and sewer replacement options, and provided estimated construction costs. Rehabilitation measures were recommended and prioritized into a phased rehabilitation program.


Sewer System Rehabilitation


Based on the recommendations presented in the Sewer System Evaluation report, the village moved forward with the sewer rehabilitation program and selected Huskie Engineering to prepare design and construction documents and to administer the construction contract for Phase 1. The Phase 1 rehabilitation measures were effective enough to bring the village treatment plant into compliance with the state discharge permit without Phase 2 rehabilitation measures.


Grant and Loan Applications


Huskie Engineering also assisted the village in preparing grant and State Revolving Fund (SRF) applications, both of which were successful in securing needed funds for executing the project.

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Municipal Sewer System Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program

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