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Project Approach




Planning, designing, and implementing infrastructure programs and projects requires the expertise of dedicated professionals and the commitment of owners and operators in making important financial decisions. Sufficient infrastructure is vital for sustaining public health and economic well being. Helping clients plan and implement cost-effective programs and projects toward a sustainable future is central to our service philosophy.


The environmental regulatory climate


Except for the most basic, non-invasive or exempt projects, some form of environmental review and compliance is a fact of life for most projects, including the acquisition of necessary regulatory approvals and permits. Stephen Huskie has worked successfully with a wide variety of local, state, and federal agencies through the project review, approval and permitting processes.


Client participation


Clients often have special knowledge of existing conditions and sometimes posses appropriate in-house resources. Huskie has experience with and welcomes working with clients as a team.


Professional partnering


Huskie has successful experience working as a team with a variety of other engineers, architects, and various specialty professionals in all phases of project execution.



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